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Russell Train, Former EPA Administrator

Action Alert: Protect Land Conservation Funding!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Protect Land Conservation Funding!

You can take action on this alert by reading the information below and following the directions at the bottom.


Land Conservation Funding at Risk!


Although Governor O'Malley fully funded land conservation programs in his proposed budget, strong opposition has risen in the budget committee. There is a move to redirect funding for all land preservation programs, including Program Open Space.

The proposal, put forward by the legislature's budget research staff and under consideration by powerful legislative leaders, would shift money designated for land conservation to other environmental restoration work. It is imperative to keep what little there is.

Studies show a 10 to 1 return on investments in conservation. Once our rural land is developed, we forever lose the economic, recreational, and scenic value of these lands.

We urgently need you to help protect the best of Maryland!

Contact your legislators and tell them to support full funding for Maryland's land conservation programs.

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Protect Land Conservation Funding!

Dear Delegate,

Please include full funding for Maryland's land conservation programs -- Program Open Space, Rural Legacy, and the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Fund -- in the Fiscal 2013 budget. These funds provide critical financial and technical assistance to localities to conserve farms and forests and for the planning, acquisition and development of recreational land and open space.

Program Open Space, for example, has secured hundreds of thousands of acres throughout Maryland. It has successfully supported our local communities through the creation of tourism-based jobs and an influx of local spending by protecting open space and wildlife habitat. This result is in line with recent studies that have found a 10 to 1 economic return on investment from conservation spending.

I strongly oppose any effort to redirect Governor O'Malley's requested funding for land preservation programs to other environmental restoration work. Robbing Peter to pay Paul isn't the answer. Farms, forests, historic sites and scenic landscapes, wildlife habitat, and clean rivers are an integral part of a smart, green and growing Maryland. We need continued investment by the state to ensure that our land is not just a link to our past, but is also a path to a vibrant future.

Please contact the leadership in the House and Senate and request that they fully fund Maryland's land conservation programs and protect our farms and forests. We greatly appreciate your time, consideration and commitment to protecting Maryland's treasured resources and special places, as well as to supporting jobs throughout the State.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Your name and address here

This Action Alert Campaign is Closed.

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